The proceeds from crime are often "laundered". AML procedures help to fight the negative phenomenon on a global scale. The measures allow you to effectively control the movement of cash flows that are planned to be used to finance terrorism. complies with international AML standards and provides customer due diligence. Among the features of the system are:

  • detection of risky transactions;
  • constant monitoring;
  • generation of reports.

Choosing AML significantly speeds up and simplifies the work of an accountant. Thanks to the widespread system, it becomes possible to:

1. Determine the degree of threat, taking into account the business reputation of an individual or legal entity and the specifics of the country. Additionally, the history of completed transactions is analyzed automatically. With a high degree of risk, the user is strongly advised to abandon the most profitable deal.

2. Identify the client, if necessary. Prompt and due diligence eliminates doubts. Thanks to AML, you can find out the structure of any commercial organization and the name of the beneficiary. Full information is disclosed about the activities and methods of generating income.

3. Identify suspicious activity and unusual transactions. The system detects transactions that are not profitable, large transfers to unidentified persons and other questionable activities. Investments in unpromising projects and manipulations to mislead tax regulators are identified.

4. Save information in the archive. The database is regularly updated with IP addresses, emails, phone numbers, full name and other contact information. The history of all completed financial transactions is saved for further analysis. instantly interrupts transactions at any stage when it detects the slightest threat. Clients are required to go through mandatory identification procedures to verify their identity. Attempts to forge documents or impersonate another person are considered a gross violation of the AML rules. When signs of any illegal activity are found, information is always passed on to the police and other government authorities.