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1. What personal user information can we use?

If you register on our website, you will be asked to provide personal information, including email, to create an account.

We can also collect all the details that you specify, including name, wallet number for transactions, type, bank card number and expiration date, etc.

2. For what purpose are your personal data used?

Personal information left by the user is used by the site administration in order to:

  • organize the high-quality work of our website, as well as mobile applications, monitor the effective provision of our services so that each visitor can receive the necessary information;
  • ensure the smooth operation of the technical service;
  • regularly carry out analytical work in order to improve the quality of the functioning of our sites;
  • send advertisements to our clients about new applications, services, company offers;
  • organize the relationship between the user and the site administration to quickly resolve any issues related to the provision of our services, as well as technical issues;
  • prevent the actions of intruders aimed at damaging the operation of our site.

3. Who can use your data?

The information that you leave on our website during registration is confidential. This means that no customer data can be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of cases provided for by the current legislation. For example, such information may be provided by us upon a relevant court order or a request from law enforcement agencies. When the form of ownership of our company changes or a receiving organization appears, your data will be transferred to the new owner.

4. Do we use cookies?

4.1 What are cookies?

When surfing on sites on the network, all user actions are recorded in small text files called cookies. This information is stored on the computer. This is how passwords, logins, any information entered on the site, ip-address, browser version, technical characteristics of hardware and software are remembered. This allows you to quickly switch to actions at the next visit to a specific portal without re-entering the necessary data. Thanks to the storage of cookies, we analyze user activity, highlighting the interests and preferences of customers. Based on the information received, we improve the work of our sites, applications, adjusting everything for our users.

What types of cookies are divided into:

  • technical / necessary: used to open access to users to various services, services, for example, Yandex, with their help, accurately determines the user"s software and the type of browser from which the network was connected;
  • statistical / analytical: help to identify the user and get information about all his actions, including moving through the pages of the site, interests in a certain type of content;
  • technical: help to obtain information about the user"s actions on the portal, so that it is possible to timely determine the occurrence of an intranet error, as well as analyze the work of new functions on which the performance of the site depends;
  • functional: designed to provide certain functions to facilitate the use of sites, while maintaining the interests and preferences of the user, for example, his choice of language or location;
  • advertising / third-party: help to obtain information on the number of users of the resource, collect statistics on the frequency of visits, the source of traffic, the activity of visitors clicking on advertising links.

4.2 How long can cookies last on a computer?

Yandex uses the information recorded in cookies for all of the above purposes. This data is placed on a computer and stored there depending on the type of text file. In this case, the storage time does not exceed, as a rule, the period that is required to solve a specific purpose. After this period ends, all information is automatically erased.

4.3 Who can use the data stored in cookies?

The service has the right to use on the website data collection systems and analytics of third parties (third parties) in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.

If the visitor visits the site for the first time, a window pops up asking for the use of cookies. If the user first agreed to their use, and then changed his mind, he can go to the settings of his browser and delete these text files. However, after that, the next time the user visits the site, he will again be asked to agree to the storage of cookies. You can ignore the pop-up window, but in this case, certain site functions will not be available. In this regard, the work with the portal may deteriorate.

Yandex uses pixel tags to access text files stored on your computer. It helps:

  • establish the nature of your actions on the site;
  • get statistics on the operation of sites, services, applications, individual programs.

5. Security guarantee.

The administration of our portal has adopted uniform standards for the use of measures to protect the personal information of each client. Thanks to specially created measures, we have significantly reduced the risk of fraudsters and illegal gaining access to your confidential information. Thus, we prevent the unauthorized distribution of your data. However, we inform all our users that we cannot give a 100% guarantee of protecting your personal information, because scammers today use various technologies to hack accounts. Therefore, if you notice suspicious activity on your account or suspect that third parties could use your password, please contact our technical department.